The steps of the Apostle Paul ( Ephesus - Samos - Patmos )


1st Day
Arrival in Samos.Ttransfer to hotel.

Samos is the eastern island of the Aegean sea and is located very close to the shores of Asia Minor. The legend refers to Samos as the birthplace of the goddess Hera. On this beautiful island rich in history, the philosophers Pythagoras and Epicuros as well as the mathematician Aristarchus were born. The picture of this magnificent island is composed by grapevines, traditional houses with yards around them, important archaeological sites as well as Byzantine monasteries.

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2nd Day

We visit Pythagorion to marvel at the famous Efpalinus Tunnel, the church of Panagia Spiliani which is carved inside the mountain rock and which houses water cisterns. We continue on to the archaeological site of Heraion with the temple of Hera, one of the biggest archaeological temples of ancient times, with ruins of buildings of the Hellenistic and Roman period and the remains of an early Christian Basilica. Then on to the village Mavratzei to visit the monastery of Timios Stavros. At this Byzantine monastery we will marvel at the beautiful alter screen, the Bishopís throne and pulpit all woodcarved with the exceptional skill of the century. We then depart to visit the natural beauties of the island. A stop for coffee or yoghurt with honey at Koutsi with the springs of crystal water. We then go on to Karlovassi, the islandís second largest town. A stop for swimming and lunch. In the afternoon we take the road of return, and passing many beautiful beaches along the way, we arrive at the picturesque village of Kokkari where we stop for coffee. Back at the hotel.

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